How to view stories on Instagram anonymously

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Officially you can see all the people who view your stories on Instagram, right? Wrong. Although it looks safe, it is possible that someone is viewing your stories and you can’t even imagine. In this post from umCOMO we explain how to see stories on Instagram anonymously using basic tricks, extensions, websites and even apps developed for this purpose. Check the options below and choose the most useful for your case.


How to view stories on Instagram anonymously


When we activate ‘Airplane mode’ on any smartphone, we disable mobile data and phone coverage. This function, therefore, is the simplest way to view Instagram stories anonymously. Check it step by step


How to view Instagram stories anonymously in airplane mode


Open Instagram on your phone as usual;

Let the entire feed load, including photos and videos in addition to the stories at the top of the feed. This may take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your connection;

Activate Airplane Mode on your phone. At this point, you will be disabling your operator’s mobile network and connections;

Open Instagram and view the stories you wanted to see without being seen. You will be doing this anonymously

As soon as you finish killing this curiosity, disable Airplane Mode to recover the connection.


How to view Instagram stories anonymously from Chrome


If you prefer another way to see stories anonymously , know Google offers IG Stories, an extension for the Google Chrome browser. When installing it, you can use the extension to view Instagram stories anonymously from Chrome:

Open Google Chrome on your computer;

Go to the top right tab with three vertical dots, located under the browser’s close button. Click, scroll down and display the “More Tools” menu. There, select Extensions‘;

When opening the Extensions panel, look for IG Stories for Instagram . Download and enable the extension in Google Chrome;

Access Instagram in your browser;

With the extension plugin enabled, you can view as many stories as you like, and users will never know you saw them.

In the age of social media, it is increasingly important for people to control and have as much information as possible about their profiles and followers.


Google Hiddengram


Another option for those who use Instagram on their computer is Hiddengram . This extension not only allows you to view Instagarm stories anonymously, but also completely hides you every time you log in to the social network. It works like this:

You need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer. Then, open the browser, once your installation is complete;

Go to the top right tab, under the browser close button. Click, scroll down and display the “More tools” menu. There, select “Extensions”;

When you open the Extensions panel, look for Hiddegram. Complete your download, open the file and activate the extension in Google Chrome;

Access Instagram in your browser;

With the extension plugin enabled, you will be able to see stories on Instagram anonymously and your followers will not even know that you are currently logged in, as Hiddengram completely disables all Instagram actions, except viewing stories and your post feed;

This option also helps to hide your status on Instagram .



StoriesWatcher is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Its function is very specific: to view Instagram stories anonymously, since you won’t even have to log in to Instagram to do this:

Access the StoriesWatcher page ;

Download the app or install the extension;

Enter the account name for the stories you want to see anonymously: @example;

Then, you can view and download the stories published in the last 24 hours, without logging in or sharing personal data.

This extension, however, only allows you to see Instagram stories anonymously from open accounts.

Insta Story performs the same function. Although it does not have browser extensions, it allows you to view profiles and stories anonymously and download stories uploaded by public accounts in the last 24 hours:

Access the instastory website ;

Enter the account name of the stories you want to see anonymously: @example;

You will be able to view and download stories posted in the last 24 hours on the profile;

No login or sharing of personal data is required to use the site.




Storiesig also allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously without having to install anything. It works like this:

Access Storiesig from the browser of your choice;

Enter the name of the account you want to spy on the stories: @example;

You will be able to view the stories anonymously that have been published in the last 24 hours on any open profile. There is no need to log in or share personal data.

story saver


WeInstag also allows you to view stories on Instagram anonymously without logging in or registering. Here’s how it works:

Access WeInstag ;

Write the username of the stories you want to see, without @;

You can then anonymously view any content published in the last 24 hours.

Super save



Twitly is an app that offers a number of tools for Instagram users and is known worldwide for account content management on Insta. Its best known function and focus of this post is to be able to see the stories anonymously. It works like this:

Download the Twitly app on your phone;

Create your profile and login;

Link your Instagram account to Twitly and don’t forget to accept the app’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions;

Open the stories function and you will be able to see them without anyone knowing.


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